Its almost fall in Danville, time for maintenance on your geothermal equipment.

You did a lot of digging, you may have even reached out to us here at Geo Climate Control, found the best geothermal system for your Danville home, had the credible staff at Geo Climate Control set up your new [[heating and cooling|geothermal107] system, and now that you have been enjoying your system for a year or so, it’s time for autumn maintenance. (We all know [[targetlocation winters can be tough.)

Annual maintenance before considerable use, such as winter in Danville, is key to getting the best out of your geothermal system. The most painless item to replace are air filters. Like the majority of air filters, your geothermal air filters can take a hit from the dirt, grit, grime, and impurities in your air. Regular cleaning or replacement of old filters will keep your compressor running well and curtail the accumulation of udesirable dirt. While we agree, D-I-Y is a good way to save [[time and money|time|money]4 maintenance and repairs on your WaterFurnace unit is best left to the pros. What should you see when you arrange your autumn tune up with Geo Climate Control? We...

  • Change or replenish the coolant in your geothermal system. (If your system needs coolant.)
  • Examine the pipes outside if a leak is suspected.
  • Lubricate the moving items, such as the fans and pump.
  • Inspect, and if needed, tighten electrical connections.
  • If you have an open loop geothermal system, an acid flush may be needed to remove mineral and debris deposits.
  • And other small checks that may be specific to your WaterFurnace system

Maintenance on your Danville unit is critical not only for your investment, but for your piece of mind. Keep in mind, your geothermal system isn’t just what you see in your home, it is the plumbing and pipes underground. Regular checkups help your WaterFurnace unit stay efficient and last longer. Annual maintenance can also catch items that need to be changed before they fail, like fans and pumps.

Regardless the geothermal system that you chose, maintenance in the autumn in Danville is the perfect time to get your geothermal system tuned up for the cooler months of winter. Keeping your WaterFurnace unit running without issue will help minimize energy bills and prevent major breaks in the future. Call us soon to get your geothermal unit prepared for fall.